Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Mi viaje maravilloso a México

I must say from the very start, I had a wonderful time in Mexico and Laredo with DG. When we get together there is this understanding and we just click and have a great time.

The first night we had dinner in Mexico at this great place called El Rincon del Viejo with his mother, sister, M, and F. We had these really good little potato gorditas with guac. And DG introduced me to michelada and cabrito which was absolutely delicious.

The best part of dinner was the ride on the kiddie donkey his sister named Fofo Chico. We took pictures that I plan to post later.

We then went to an open air bar where we had drinks and where we could actually purchase several bottles of liquor to take with us (of course, we casually forgot to declare those bottles crossing back).

We headed back and stayed up drinking.

Saturday, DG took me on a tour of Laredo after a great lunch at a place I can't recall, but had great flour tacos. Afterward, we went back to Mexico and I picked up a leather bracelet, candy, and a pair of sunglasses. We had drinks at a place called Eldorado that was so old-world. All the waiters wore white dinner jackets with bow-ties and black pants. Little boys walked around with their shoe-shining kits. And here DG and I were playing a game where we had to guess what celebrity each of us was trying to be. My favorites: Janis Joplin, Andy Warhol, Donald Trump, Rosanne, Kennedy, and Richard Simmons.

We headed back and M and MG made dinner for us. They were cooking but DG and I wore the aprons all night. It was too fun.

We then headed out to the only gay bar in Laredo...the Discovery, where they were having a benefit show "for a friend in need." We figure from the enormous crowd they collected about...25 dollars, TOPS - which included all the money from the 5 dollar cover and the tips the wonderful drag queens (only Gay Jesus could love) received. We had a great time!!!

Sunday we ate at Taco Palenque where we took a picture next to "A Man Holding His Cock"

We found our beloved Dr Ike's Hardware Store with the great theme song. Kind of like (if you're from Houston) "We'll put the yee-haw back in your motor and transmission!!" Or KC "Come down to
OhOh-latha!" Good Shit!!

Anyway, all-in-all not a bad weekend!!!


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