Monday, August 16, 2004

He's gone...for now

Nicholas is in the air, going home. Last night we had the whole apartment in "tents," that's where you grab all the sheets and blankets you own and make one huge tent. You're suppose to have rooms and halls. It was a blast. We slept in them last night. He cried a lot because he wasn't ready to go back home. When he slept, I cried because of course I didn't want him to leave yet, but his life, his home is truly in Maryland.

This past week and weekend Nick and I have gone shopping for slim, plastic snakes and other toys at Toy Joy. We went to a huge costume shop called Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds. We rented movies. Played checkers and war and just sat around talking about everything from grade school to the Olympics and why America is such an awesome place to live and how we should feel grateful we live here.

I will miss him, but I will fly to see him this fall, then for Christmas, then for his Birthday in January, and then Spring Break-and of course have him again for the summer.


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