Saturday, June 24, 2006

it's been a long time since i've seen an ammo can

here are some photos of nick and i geocashing. i'm his he

Friday, June 23, 2006

left to haunt this sad estate in hallow walls and empty halls

the prayers and tears of arthur digby sellers - lisa

i believe i've already posted this song, but i really love it. try and listen to the words. what happens to our imaginary friends once we grow up and never talk or knowledge them anymore? well, lisa, someone's imaginary friend, tells us how she feels when someone has forgotten about her.

There’s nothing I could call this
No architecture for the order of things
When I sat and watched you sleeping
Before the trucks arrived
Boxed up your better life
I wrote you letters for awhile

Left to haunt this sad estate
In hallow walls and empty halls
But all I saw was some doll that you abandoned
So I crawled inside
Where the stitching held me tight
And hoped that you would come back
To find me sometime

I hope that you’ll forgive me
For being so severe
Your proximity was clouding my account
Of what was real here

You’re 8 years old
I’m stuck inside the wall
You always talk but never hold me
I wish that you would ask me how I’m feeling
There’s so much I want to tell you
About the way I’m disappearing

And so many years have past since that
I left the house
I left a map to my new wall
You must have never found it

And I heard that you got married
And I hope she helps you fall asleep these days
Cause I knew the ways
When you were 8

You’re not what I imagined
You’d become when we were younger
But I’m still in love with that one
And I’ve since found your parent’s house
And live inside the wall
But you don’t ask about me when you call
my attempt at the lyrics (if you find mistakes let me know, thanks)

the cure - halo

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

for djp...

halou - the ratio of freckles to stars

But I don't think I can wait
I've been living for this day
I think that if I do or don't
It'll turn out the same way
But I can't seem to pull myself away
And I hope that's OK
Even just the very thought
Makes me want to stay

This is more than I can take
I fear my heart will burst or break
If there's a thing as too much joy,
I will be taken away
If I wrap you up inside of me,
Kiss your fingers greedily
I will lose track of the floor
I will lose track of my feet

All that you've conquered
Was already yours
Walking the night sky
Freckles to the stars
All that you've longed for
Is painted on my arms
Here, I can take you

But I don't know what to say
All my language slipped away
I only know that I am yours and
I hope you take the hint

Be still my sweaty little heart
You are my every waking thought
If there's a thing as too much love
I am guilty as I stand
If I dive head first straight into you
The way I've always wanted to
I can't be held responsible
There's no telling what I'll do