Tuesday, August 30, 2005

LaPtOp dating...hmmm

Saturday, August 27, 2005

saturday surfing

Why am I the last to know about these things. This is the coolest thing: sms try it, it's fun. it actually helped me this afternoon when I received a call from a number I didn't know. I wanted to know the location of the area code. Then for fun, I asked for the population of Austin, answer: 656,562. All by just sending a text message from my phone. I swear it's the simple things...

And go here because this is too damn cute: kitten war. I've played and picked the cutest each time. Several of them remind me of a couple of kittens I knew once...hmm

here's a great way to keep track of what the hell is going on in the world...and it's nice on the eyes: newsmap

manic mode is the best part of this site: virtual bubblewrap

The pictures are from a site where you can purchase awesome indie show posters: check it out here

Thursday, August 25, 2005

not much going on here

bored so I headed out to spider house. Its fun, there are a lot of people out. you can tell school is about to start. I planned on going home for the labor day weekend but realized ut's first game is that saturday. So I will be working. Oh well, maybe the following weekend. Oh, last night a group of us went and saw this awesome band at lucky lounge. I will try and find their name and website. I do want to share it. okay one only needs to go to lucky lounge's website. casey mcpherson

here are a couple of new ones from minus story

minus story - knocking on your head

minus story - little wet head

lampshade - because trees can fly

BTW, i have a new link there on the left to ERG's family shop(Selina Specialties)...so going shopping!!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It's a BOY

My brother just called to tell me they are having a boy!!! I'm so excited!! They had their ultra-sound today. I feel great. There has been a couple of things come up in my own life that, at the very least, has made me feel a little down - but this just makes everything seem so wonderful and has made my own shit seem minimal in comparison. You know?

I wish them all the best. I can't wait until I'm in the hospital waiting room with the rest of my family awaiting our beautiful arrival while bitting out nails in unison.

The thought makes me smile!!!

meet hootie



great weekend! wonderful time with JL and his friends and thursday and friday hung out with JC and crew in lakeway. I finished shopping for my costume, I won't saying anything yet until I post pictures.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

sHoUt OuTs

why I'm sometimes called Lamont from ERG:

I've been wondering this for sometime now. He wouldn't tell me, all he would say was that it was an inside joke between him and friend. Okay, at first I was a little offended because he won't tell me why he was calling me this. I mind ran. The major reason, I thought, was (and not to sound racist) because he confided in his friend that I might be...well... not lacking in certain areas. I guess that was wishful thinking because he finally told me tonight why.

And the reason was very sweet.

I'm called Lamont because his friend had a boyfriend named Lamont and she swears he will be the only person that will love her forever no matter what. No one will ever love her the way Lamont does, no one. And ERG told her he had someone like that...me. So, Lamont, like me, will call her and they will talk for hours. And when he does she tells ERG "I talked to Manuel last night" for course meaning Lamont and he tells her the same when we talk. Isn't that cute. Mystery solved.

It did make me think about what he tells his friends about me and of course this reassures me that it might just be good.

On that note, I'm going to bed. Goodnight.

alexi murdoch - orange sky (this goes out to, fuck that, let them ponder it)

the smiths - bigmouth strikes again (this one goes out to my beautiful, fucking gorgeous homo sapiens that attend their/our religious right we call elysium on sundays. Sorry I missed this sunday...you know the whole leaf turning over thing)

Monday, August 22, 2005

this is all i have for today...but damn it's good!!!

sia - breathe me

Sunday, August 21, 2005

stop, roll, worry, impatient, listen

Okay, I need to stop right fucking now. I've been out everyday this week except Thursday. I know what needs to done. My work hasn't been effected in anyway, I just know this isn't me. I've had fun it's just last night I sat at Rain after coming from Barcelona and thinking "shit I really hate this right now." So needless to say I'm a little burnt out with the whole going out. It's never the same place, I like going to as many different spots as possible weather hetro or not it's just old. So my (our) solution is to be completely creative with our time. I'll keep you informed.

Well, I've started the ball rolling in getting moved to DC. Made some phone calls and looked up places to live and even revamped my resume. It's gonna happen and it's very fucking scary.

Nick started full contact football this past week. I called on the days he had practice to be sure he was okay. I'm just glad he started this sport early so he can get it out of his system because what's reassuring is that they're all his age and really won't hit too hard. The older he gets and decides to stay with it, the rougher it will become. I seriously think he will stick to his favorites: soccer and basketball...let's hope.

What else? ACL is around the corner, and I'm just too excited!!!

levy - rotten love

thee more shallows - freshman thesis

solvent - wish

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

tic toc

I'm not sure where I should begin this, but ever since Nick left I've been thinking a lot about things I wish I had some sort of control over. I mean to a great extent I do, I just need a swift kick in the butt to get me started. The first is obvious, the big move to DC. It's been occupying the majority of my time. I need to start with a list/timeline. It's never easy to move anywhere, especially to a completely different part of the country. I hope I can call up my old boss from Kansas City and try to get into the DC area DFAS. I need to start applying to different colleges so I can get my masters done. Then there's housing and location and do I want a car, do I need my car? And then there's my family. They know I want to move, but do they really know I'm this serious? I mean really know? This is it, if I'm serious about this then this is the moment of truth. This is where the ball needs to start...

Next thing, okay the part I mentioned where I don't have a lot of control over. DJP. Unfortunately, that little fucker still occupies a part of my brain. The only thing to stop me from thinking about him is time. I've cut off all communication with him, i.e. emails, text messages...I needed to in order to stop feeling the way I have about the whole thing. I've even stopped reading his blog - it was starting to making my stomach turn.

Anyway, to the less stressful part of my occupied brain, my friends. JC, AP, and "Stevie Nicks" I love them. They have been so supportive and understanding. I will miss them. We've been hanging out a lot and my favorite hang out at the moment, because I can't be at home by myself for too long, is Halcyon. A very cozy coffehouse and bar with added attractions like 2 dollar gin and tonics and wi-fi. Oh, and a cute employee I'm completely smitten with...we've had a couple of nice conversations and plenty of flirty eye contact...

Last thing: Happy Birthday JG and MLVC(P)R. I will post some MP3s later today...

here you go:

the arrogants - smile lines

til tuesday - voices carry

meryn cadell - the sweater (100% acrylic)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

he's gone, he left today at 1:30. How hard was it? It sucked. His eyes got all red and he became quiet. He looked at me with his huge brown eyes and said "I'll miss you Daddy." What could I do? I knelt beside him and told him I loved him and that I will miss him too. Not enough, I know. Anyway, here are a few pictures we took...I really can't post much more...my fucking heart is broken!!!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday's Sweet Tunes

efterklang - kloy gin

efterklang - step aside

I'm loving this Danish band here is their website.

mr. dj, please:

sandra - secret land

one more

sheena easton - for your eyes only

Thank you

Thursday, August 04, 2005

de p_ _ p, hang man? Leemonee? spit?

This is Nicks last night here in Austin for the summer/year. Tomorrow we travel to LJ. What can I say? I will miss him. He flies out in exactly one week. I'm trying to prepare myself, but this morning I looked over at him in his peaceful sleep and the cutest thing...he had his toys lined up on the window seal right next to him (my bed is seated right along side my window). Included was "Teddy" his teddy bear my Mother gave him earlier this summer. It's green with a soccer ball embroidered over it's chest. He absolutely loves it!

blink 182 - i miss you

gwen stefani - luxurious (not the whole song, but Nick and I listen to it almost every morning in the car on our way to summer camp..this song will remind me of this summer with him)

and one more song running a close second because he said it sounds like a lot of lazer guns/beams being fired off...love it!

soft cell - tainted love

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Happy Birthday Gabriel Pena

First off, thanks to my beautiful sister, Albert is 39 and my brother Gabriel is 38 today. Wow, I guess my parents didn't own a TV...kidding, love you Mom, love you Dad! I was always fascinated with the fact that two of my brothers were born almost on the same day and a year apart. I mentioned yesterday that my brother Albert instilled in me a vast array of musical artists that today I'm grateful for because it allowed me to listen to different types of music. With Gabriel, I was always enthralled with his ability to be completely comfortable in his own skin. He has taught me, rather he knows this or not, that being quick-witted (has he is) and a bit mysterious, you can attract many people. I was always impressed with how he can actually have complete presence in a room. You CANNOT help but notice him when he's around. I admire that. Furthermore, I'm so proud of him. He has a new home, a wonderful wife, and they are soon to be parents to what I'm sure is going to be a beautiful health baby...Boy? Girl? We don't care as long as it's healthy. So my hats off to my brother Gabriel because I know when he sits down on his recliner in the evening and looks around at his new home and sees his beautiful wife along side of him he's grateful. Has he should be because he is truly, finally blessed. Happy birthday Gabriel. I love you.

Before I close this entry out I want to list some things my family would only know...you know all families seem to have their own vocabulary:

1. safe-place (no chisels, no hammers...)
2. my T.V.
3. Let's eat, Let's eat, Let's eat
4. little bit of more show!!!(I was always first to say it)
5. Bath Fifi Bath!!!
6. Beat it, Beat it
7. "Mom said for ya'll to go to bread"
8. "Nails you betta get in he'ah"

Trailer for DC Cab (then click preview) - so many great lines, "they had a lot of luggage" or "jacket too tight, too tight" or "you have to make the run" or "I was just testing yo' ass"

babyface with deele - two occasions

van halen - jump

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Happy Birthday Albert Ray Pena

It's my brother's birthday, but what's sad is I have no idea how old he is. When I call him this evening I'll be sure to ask. He is the second oldest and I love him because he expanded my musical tastes at an early age. He introduced me to music that was too mature for me at the time. When I was between 5 and say 10 he played music for me like Led Zepplin, The Who, Kiss, The Stones, Queen, Pink Floyd, The soundtrack to The Warriors, Black Sabbath, early Eric Clapton and I was completely captivated. He along with two of my other brothers and their friends would put on concerts for my sister and our friends. Usually it was Kiss and my brother had the coolest room in the house cause you see it was at the other end of all the other bedrooms and it was behind a chimney brick wall, so needless to say it was sound proof!! So while my parents would be sound asleep we where "jammin' in the back room." My brother had about a dozen black lights and he would always be Gene Simmons and would chew up red fluorescent colored crayons and spit out what was intended to be blood as he curled his tongue. It was the coolest thing ever!!! I was his biggest fan so happy birthday to my Rock Star Brother...love ya!

pink floyd - mother

cocaine - eric clapton

who wants to live forever - queen

another bites the dust - queen

Black sabbath - paranoid

tomorrow...is my brother Gabriel's Birthday...stay tuned