Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Mi viaje maravilloso a México

I must say from the very start, I had a wonderful time in Mexico and Laredo with DG. When we get together there is this understanding and we just click and have a great time.

The first night we had dinner in Mexico at this great place called El Rincon del Viejo with his mother, sister, M, and F. We had these really good little potato gorditas with guac. And DG introduced me to michelada and cabrito which was absolutely delicious.

The best part of dinner was the ride on the kiddie donkey his sister named Fofo Chico. We took pictures that I plan to post later.

We then went to an open air bar where we had drinks and where we could actually purchase several bottles of liquor to take with us (of course, we casually forgot to declare those bottles crossing back).

We headed back and stayed up drinking.

Saturday, DG took me on a tour of Laredo after a great lunch at a place I can't recall, but had great flour tacos. Afterward, we went back to Mexico and I picked up a leather bracelet, candy, and a pair of sunglasses. We had drinks at a place called Eldorado that was so old-world. All the waiters wore white dinner jackets with bow-ties and black pants. Little boys walked around with their shoe-shining kits. And here DG and I were playing a game where we had to guess what celebrity each of us was trying to be. My favorites: Janis Joplin, Andy Warhol, Donald Trump, Rosanne, Kennedy, and Richard Simmons.

We headed back and M and MG made dinner for us. They were cooking but DG and I wore the aprons all night. It was too fun.

We then headed out to the only gay bar in Laredo...the Discovery, where they were having a benefit show "for a friend in need." We figure from the enormous crowd they collected about...25 dollars, TOPS - which included all the money from the 5 dollar cover and the tips the wonderful drag queens (only Gay Jesus could love) received. We had a great time!!!

Sunday we ate at Taco Palenque where we took a picture next to "A Man Holding His Cock"

We found our beloved Dr Ike's Hardware Store with the great theme song. Kind of like (if you're from Houston) "We'll put the yee-haw back in your motor and transmission!!" Or KC "Come down to
OhOh-latha!" Good Shit!!

Anyway, all-in-all not a bad weekend!!!

Friday, June 25, 2004

The Motherland

DG and I are going to Mexico this weekend. He lives in Laredo so we're just gonna hop the border for some shopping, eating and drinking (but no H2O). I'm looking forward to meeting his family and hometown friends.
This week has been pretty uneventfully. On Wednesday I met DG at the that new bar on Congress and 4th where he a gave me a t-shirt he picked up at Madonna's concert. It's black with white letters that reads, "Italians Do It Better." For those uneducated-under-a-fucking-rock fags, it's from her "Pappa Don't Preach" video and, I must add, its too fucking fierce!
Next week is devoted to finding an apartment.
Have a safe and wonderful weekend!!
I will post pics from my trip on Monday...

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Sorry for the delay. I have a lot to cover so let's get started. First, CB came into Austin on Friday and we ate at Serrano's on Red River and then went to a movie. He was passing through after signing his apartment lease in College Station. Yes, he'll be an Aggie this fall due to tuition hikes here at UT and other factors I won't cover for his sake. It was really good to see him but the whole thing was completely on a sort of awkward first high school date sort of vibe. I just hope he didn't feel too uncomfortable with me. In fact, it was never an official "date," hell I wish more people could of joined us.

Anyway, on a sad note, HJ's mother died at 1 a.m. on Saturday. When I got the word Saturday morning at 10 I started to cry. And after giving my condolences, I hung up and immediate called my mother and just told her I loved her. I know when that day comes...

I went out Saturday was on the lake Sunday and rested Monday and Tuesday. Oh, I met HJ's daughter. She is awesome!

Quick sidebars:

I need a place to live (I have 15 days)
ERG maybe staying in Austin
Elephant sucks, don't rent it
Foot spa's are awesome
Anyone, should I keep the pic of myself on my blog? (use comment or email me: manuel_grover@hotmail.com

Friday, June 18, 2004

If you know me, you know I love Grover. He is what I want to be. The picture is the stool ERG gave me for Christmas, it's fucking adorable!

CB will be here in a few hours and I thought I could get the "gang" together to hang out with us (I guess to take the edge off) but everyone is preoccupied. I guess it's just us two. And of course I don't mind, I just hope he will be okay with it.

HJ's mother is dying so he closed his shop early to be with her because they don't know when she will pass. They know it's soon. Here's the thing with closet gay men- (and please don't get me wrong here, I love everyone) if a family loved one is dying or sick there is a separation between family and gay friends that doesn't allow for those friends to be comforting or supportive (has much as they would like to be). In this case, I would love to be with him through this, but he doesn't want anyone to question anything. Because of that, his gay friends can't be around. It sucks. And I know I won't see him until after she passes.

Anyhow, have a great weekend...be safe...and call your damn mothers already!!!

How fucking cute is he? Thanks ERG for the photo Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Last Evening

I love david mead. Anyhow, had dinner last night with HJ, his daughter, AP (the P stands for Panda from Woody Woodpecker), and AG. They grilled steaks and made a salad from their garden. They cook steaks the way I like them...medium. D arrived late to eat because he got caught in traffic coming from Dallas on bitch-ass 35 (I swear that sad excuse for an interstate needs to be destroyed). Well, we eventually went out after watching "Queens of Comedy" and some game show where the host asks random people from the street questions and the contestants on the show have to guess if that person will guess the question right or wrong. Well, they asked this one girl what the H and the C stands for on faucets. She answered "handle and cold" (shit you not). We were rolling.

Saw cuteness K out. We talked. He is so smitten when I'm around. I love it! I don't want to take the next step right now because I really want him to know there's more here then apenas sexo y sudor y completa atracción del cuerpo.

CB is coming into town on Friday. Dinner and movie is planned. And of course he will be traveling at night with the stars and hopefully the moon.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Thank you, thank you. I would like to pay homage to Miss. Morissette. First, to all the people I called last night (even if you didn't answer):
Thank you BR
Thank you K for the great conversation and wonderful advise (and that last text message you sent was so precious).
Thank you AF for the great conversation and I hope to see ya in Chicago.
Thank you DG
Thank you EG
Thank you HJ
Thank you R
Thank you MB
Thank you Missy you are such a wonderful sister and I absolutely do not say that enough.
Thank you Gabriel for being such an understanding brother.
Gracias sol
Gracias la música
Thank you "Dos Equis"
Thank you Coldplay & Bjork & of course Mr. Robert Smith
Thank you body pillow
Gracias mamá y papá
Gracias hijo
¡Usted sólo tiene una vida para vivir, vivirlo!

Oh yea, I'm officially apart of our website at work. Here is my hideous picture.Texas Exes.(click show all)

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Everyone, the comment section at the bottom is for BR. You happy now BR? Love ya. Please, anyone, feel free to "tell it like it is!"

Damn him!!!!!

He came back. I didn't expect to see him when he came through the door. Unsettling emotions started to stir up. Part of me wanted to stay and stare at him and the other part just wanted to run. So I sort of did both. I went to my room for a nap hoping he would come in and talk to me. He did that and more and I allowed it. Damn him, damn me!

He talked about the wedding. He didn't talk much about NYC. The majority of the conversation was about finding work. He didn't once mention finding work in Austin...oh well.

He came to my bed in the middle of the night citing bad dreams as the reason. I held him (so nice and very comforting). This morning I woke up to shower then walked back in my bedroom and found my bed empty and the door to his bedroom closed-big fucking surprise.

I should know better...

Monday, June 14, 2004

tHe tWo

I didn't go home. I stayed and wished I hadn't. Went to a party on Friday. Met N who was delightfully cute-exchanged numbers. Saturday, realized two of my friends were at weddings of their best friends. One in NYC and the other in LJ. One, wrote about it in his mini blog. The other stood in it and recited a poem he wrote on a plane flight from NYC. One is best friends with the bride the other with the groom. I could go on with the similarities, they're quit frightening. I think I will. Currently, they are both unemployed. One is going to see Madonna the other Britney (age difference). Both are well educated Mexicans with strong mother figures that have sheltered and spoiled them (but not to a fault). Both were in their high school band and still enjoy watching it. Yes, Launch is playing "Harold and Joe." Anyway, why the hell am I doing this...I have no idea. Okay, okay, list time:

1. Mojitos
2. Chicken Night
3. Cubby Cecker
4. "All About My Mother"
5. Mr. Vampire, I miss ya

Friday, June 11, 2004

Happy Friday

I realize it was too good to be true. I recently started to hang out again with a really good friend because the last time we spoke he told me, and I quote, "The next time you talk to me it's because you want to date, and when I talk to you again it's because I just want a friendship." So we went our separate ways until recently when he started to talk to me. Well, last night after meeting him at Logan's, he handed me a note and informed me to read it when I got home. I did and it said he was being dishonest, blah, blah, blah, and that he still had feelings for me, blah, blah, blah. Anyway...

I'm going home this weekend which isn't a bad idea since all the lakes in Austin are closed until Monday because of all the rain we received this past week. ERG will be there because RB is getting married and he is her "Man of Honor." He quit his wig job and moved back down. I'm not sure what he plans to do (hell, I don't think he knows) but I wish him the best.

I'm in such a somber mood and not because it's a "National Day of Mourning" for Reagan. I could care less for someone who didn't give a shit about the millions of people with AIDS his administration was aware of and did nothing about. And I actually know some gay republicans....how fucking pathetic. Anyway...

I can't wait to see my mom. I miss her.

My son is attending camp so I won't have him the entire summer. FUCK!!!!

Other than that...

Monday, June 07, 2004

ALLGO's"float" for Gay Pride this past Saturday. I'm the very last one. Thanks JC for the pix.  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Random Info

ERG got a job in NYC! I'm happy and excited but a little depressed because I know I'll miss him. The funny thing, it's at some place where they make and wash wigs. And apparently for some very famous people. In fact, ERG told me Diana Summers' assistant called and said 5 wigs would be sent for them to wash. He said there are cards and pictures all around from famous people thanking the company for this and that. He mentioned Madonna and Cher and others I can't remember. The coolest thing, it's on Broadway in Manhattan.

I was suppose to go with DG to the new bar that just opened (formly The Forum). I think its called City Austin. Anyway, I felt too damn tired last night so I just stayed in. Last week, I forgot to mention, we went to 42nd Street (at Bass) and Cabaret (at Zach's). I had a great time at both. It feels really good to hang out with him again.

I wanna go see Kill Bill 2 tonight but it's playing at The Alamo up north. I don't want to drive that far. We'll see.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

DG, Me and R at an art opening this past fall Posted by Hello

Horace and I at Oil Cans, I love the fact that the word bottom is above him. Posted by Hello

DeBaUcHeRy is a bitch...

I had a great weekend and it ended with a wonderful conversation with an old boyfriend I hadn't talk to in such a long time. He might be moving to San Antonio which is kind of scary and exciting and all too weird. We didn't talk about seeing each other or anything but damn just talking on the phone with him made me feel something...I'm sure it's nothing (as it should be).
Anyway, the rest of my weekend was filled with activities that would surely kill the average man. Boating, sun-bathing, swimming, drinking, flirting, shifting, exploring, bumping, licking and just plain living (in the moment). I had a blast! Because of all the circuit parties going on, there were a lot of out-of-towners. And for the record, I dislike circuit parties. I don't understand why people will pay so much to enter an environment you could create at any club. Anyway, I will add to this later. CB was not around, but damn did I think about him!!