Sunday, October 31, 2004

Drèon and I  Posted by Hello

JG and I at LA's Party and my sorry attempt at being Robert Smith. Posted by Hello

Friday, October 29, 2004

Here's a great idea.  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

"Tarnation instant're gonna love it in an instant!"

Saw Tarnation right after work on Friday. The 4:20 show. Loved it! Absolutely loved it! I won't say too much about it but I will say this: Go see it. It's haunting, it's different, I could have known this bloke. He lived outside of Houston. DG, Marianne Faithfull is apart it. And the music-fuck, the music is just spot-on. Okay, enough.

What else? Saturday, I did a lot of reading and a bit of writing. Went over to Dréon's. We did the AIDS walk downtown on Sunday. Afterward, he got me caught up on Gilmore Girls (I guess because I think he likes Everwood) by showing me several episodes while laying on his floor. We just held each other and kissed often. I really love this boy. Later, I realized it was the first full day we spent together-from waking up to going night-night again-with no interruptions. It seems a little weird but our work schedules are to blame.

Anyway, we have two Halloween parties to attend on Saturday. I think he is going in one of my Marine Corps uniforms (yum). And me......? I'll post pictures. Maybe I'll go as this. He actually transforms!!!

Friday, October 22, 2004

The Wait Is Over/"Come on everyone let's go to Lego Land!"

Tarnation is now playing at Dobie and I can't wait to see it! I want to go right after work but Dréon must see it with me. The trailer is just phenomenal. Everyone, please go see it!

Favorite website at the moment: overheard in new york. Just like it sounds, people submit conversations overheard in NYC. It's great. Here's a few of my favorites:

Lady: Let me get a half pound of ham, sliced thin.
Deli guy: Is this thin enough?
Lady: Yeah, so long as I can watch TV through it.


"You are a compelling argument against are a very pretty girl."


Yuppie: I don't think he's working now. All he ever talks about is monkeys and robots.

Have a great weekend.

oh, one more:

Girl 1: My friend Chandra thinks she's still a virgin because she's only had anal sex.
Girl 2: How do you know this girl?
Girl 1: She goes to my church.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Real Quick

I'm on Dréon's computer waiting for him to finish showering so we can go eat Chinese. I leave for home tomorrow and I'm actually really excited to see my family. They are having a huge birthday party for my nephew Stevan.

Okay, the above was from last night. It's now Friday at around 1p.m. Dréon and I had a great time last night. Word to the wise, don't pick out a bottle of wine because the bottle is cute. Bad idea. Anyway, we sat around and listened to this Tejano CD my sister burned for me. It's pretty sad when a British guy has to translate the Spanish for me. I'm learning.

Nothing else to report. Have a great weekend.

this is great

At DAA after dinner and a few (notice the unbotton shirt,loose tie, and no jacket). Posted by Hello

Me and L at the Alumni Center before the FBall Game Posted by Hello

Us Posted by Hello

My wonderful, beautiful sister at DAA Posted by Hello

My beautiful sister and I before the game Posted by Hello

Let's see the tongues Posted by Hello

Pretty Posted by Hello

DAA Posted by Hello

Gang at DAA Posted by Hello

DAA Event Posted by Hello

Here is JG's dog  Posted by Hello

This is JG's cute Posted by Hello

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

One can make the ugliest necktie look attractive...with the correct Birthday Suit!

For reasons I can't really explain (yea right) I've had this cheesy-ass grin on my face. You think people know?

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Can you tell I'm bored? Here are some pics I've found, enjoy! Click each one to enlarge. Posted by Hello

Love this! Posted by Hello

Okay, John Waters is also an artist and this a piece on display called "Sneaky JFK" Love it! Posted by Hello

Notice anything? Look at the kid standing, far left. Up chuck the boggie! Posted by Hello

No comment needed Posted by Hello

This was at an actual yard sale. Owner said it was never used. Posted by Hello

This is from a website where you can submit stuff you find (anywhere) and then everyone can come to their own conclusions. Posted by Hello

This is great, a website where you can create your own tombstone. Just click here:
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Friday, October 08, 2004

Here's a great picture of my Mom when she worked for a dentist in Houston some years ago. She's the one on the right.  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

My love of all things family...

Okay, a huge wake-up call. My Aunt has been sick for awhile. My Tia Lupe. What can I say about her? She has this presence, this wonder aura. She can make the most depressed person feel loved and wanted. She can make the sickest person feel like they never ached-even if for a few hours. It's just not fair to allow someone so precious to be so sick. Her kidneys are possibly failing. My mother, for those who don't know, has a rare liver disease and is dying from it. Her sister is her rock and I don't want anything to happen to any of them, but I know it eventually will. My point, I've realized (and have always known) that the day will come. Am I prepared? Can anyone be? I'm scared. To me, and I assume for most, it's important to have those you love close by because they can be what keeps you from losing it. In times like this I rest my well-being on my sister and most recently on Drèon. It becomes so apparent who you love in times like this. I never want Drèon to go through this and I know if he does I will be there for him-plain and simple.

I will know exactly what is going on with my Aunt later today once tests are ran (I will inform). So on a lighter note, DAA was so much fun. According to Melissa, she had a blast. And of course I will post pictures later. I think the most exciting part of the evening was meeting one of the Distinguished Alumnus, Teresa Lozano Long, because she was born and raised in the same small hometown, Premont, as my sister's husband. Mrs. Long and her husband have donated 20 million toward the building of Austin's Long Center for the Performing Arts in Austin. And an additional 10 million was endowed to UT for the Teresa Lozano Long Institute for Latin American Studies. She was an awesome individual to meet and past her enormously large jewels and elegant gown, she was just has down to earth has anyone else.

The other Distinguished Alumnus awarded: Bill Ratliff, Former Lieutenant Governor and State Senator. John M. Coetzee, Nobel Prize winner in Literature. Kenneth M. Jastrow, Chairman and CEO of Temple-Inland. Roy M. Spence, Founder of the marketing firm GSD&M. And Trisha Wilson, international interior designer. It was a great party.

Saturday we attending the pre-game and I helped JG at the ticket service table. Melissa seemed to enjoy herself. Again, there was plenty of food and great conversation. Drèon came over later that night and all three of us had a great time. They got along so well. I loved it.

Friday, October 01, 2004

This is cool a "Boyfriend's Arm Pillow"  Posted by Hello