Monday, May 30, 2005

Not much to say...I've been lettin a loose a little too much lately

and it shall come to an end with my Son's arrival. But seriously, no regrets!!!!

The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers - Lisa (about an imaginary friend)

Vicious Pink - CCCant You See (just completely lost this one...glad I found it again)

Squarepusher - Love Will Tear Us Apart (many a bands have covered it, but this is a really good one!)

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Real quick

I'm at my friends AP's and having a fucking blast! Sandra - Secret Land is playing and it's fucking fabulous!!! Okay, I need a copy of this mix because I swear it's awesome! Great fucking music. I have no music to share but please understand I've been inspired by what's been played...more you guys!!

Friday, May 27, 2005

three day weekend!!!!

One of the best songs of this year...I seriously cannot get enough of this one:

M83 - Farewell/Goodbye

Here's a great cover of A Forest by The Cure

Nouvelle Vague - A Forest (they also have a great cover of I Melt With You)

And a lost and found (I'm so excited)

Anything Box - World Without Love

One more for fun. This song is so silly but so good. You just wanna hug Yoshimi (she kicks ass!!)

Flaming Lips - Yoshimi vs. The Pink Robots

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Skittle Juice

Not much to say. I've reconsidered my position with a certain someone. More info to come once I figure it out (with said person).

Stereo Total - Ex fan des 60ties (a song apparently about dead rockstars)

and because i can't wait until sunday's 80s:

Flock of Seagulls - Space Age Love Song (memories...)

she's received too much hype already, but I still love this song:

Annie - Chewing Gum

okay, to my swirling black lilies totally ripe:

The Cure - Pictures of You

and because the one is too damn depressing here's a fun one

The Cure - Mint Car (gorgeous strawberry kiss)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"Come back to earth let's drink some tea and smoke some herb."

This is another song I cannot hear enough this year:

Brazilian Girls - Don't Stop (please watch and listen)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

White belly under the Sun

This one goes out to JC - I hope you get that tan you want on your days off (i hate you-jk)

Belly - White Belly (no pun intended hehehe)

and a late entry:

letting up despite great faults - i hear you drowning but i'm tied

and yet another:

bjork - desired constellation

Monday, May 23, 2005


Well where should I begin? Had a wonderful time at Barton Springs on Sunday with G (and fam) and JC. Got a little sun. Then later we (JC and AP) went to 80s night at some club on Red River. It was great!!!

Then I received a text message..."I still love you..." It came from DJP. What the fuck? I responded "I know..." He then called me. I asked if he was drunk b/c he only calls me late at night when he's drunk. He said no, but proceeded to tell me that he was seeing this guy and that he just found out he has been cheating on him. Something about knowing the password to his email. Now, here is the question I had for him...why call and tell me? He said he couldn't think of anyone else to call. I said that I could think of two people right off the top of my head. I then told him I had nothing to really say except sorry. And my are pigs. Next time you date, move in really quickly with them-hell hire a private investigator. I really had no sympathy. I told him I was seriously moving on.

Here is this guy who as made it completely clear to me that he doesn't want to date me b/c of this reason and that, yet has been seeing this other guy and he knows he will be moving in June or July...I'm just confused and bit tired of it/him. I'm done...okay, regroup, sorry I just had to get that out.

JC and AP were wonderful last night. I'm so glad they are my friends. I love them!!!!!!

Now, the music:
I'm really loving this guy:
maximilian heckler - help me

And this girl and blow (meaning sing, you dirty minded person you):
sade - by your side

and something new (to me):
la laque - secret

by the way, they played the cure's just like heaven last night...loved it!!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

"When there's nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire!"

I pretty much did nothing yesterday...but lord did i need nothing to do. I slept for about 11 hours. I needed it. JG said she was going to do an intervention on myself and JC. Too much, too little time...and too many fucking hot boys. That sounded sluty...Today, commencement continues and later, according to G, a bar-b-que and then...out again. Sunday-the lake.

This is one of my favorite songs of the year so far. I simply can't hear it enough. Hope you like it.
stars - your ex-lover is dead

and someone who is slowly growing on me:

joanna newsom - bridges and balloons (pocket remix)

Friday, May 20, 2005

In a deathless spell...

Here's a reminds me of sharp objects

The Cure - If only tonight we could sleep

Thursday, May 19, 2005

"You seem so out of context, in this gaudy apartment complex..."

Because this song means a lot to me, I offer it up for your listening pleasure

The Postal Service - The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

and just cause:

Rilo Kiley - The Execution

and I hope you like this one:

The Blow - Jet Ski Accidents

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Never Enough!!!

Went to a wonderful dinner party at F's down south. Great fucking food. Good beer tasty shots! Off to BRS tonight and who knows what else.

Here's the music:

emil klotzsch - everywhere is shut

transient - My Last Goodbye

and a classic because I love you!

The Smiths - How soon is now

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

8th day of June 2005...YEAH BABY YEAH!!!!!

Sorry for no post yesterday. I was still in Lake Jackson...don't ask. Weekend was great with family. Shopping, eating, dying was great.

Most frightening thing though...going to my cousin's Confirmation. I hadn't been in a Catholic Church in awhile (I'm agnostic) and a Bishop was presiding and while he was giving his spill...I swear he kept looking at me...knowingly. He had on the whole garb: ruby ring, long Pope-like hat, long curved cane...he freaked me out. Anyway, I hope I didn't offend anyone. I had a pleasant time otherwise.

My Son will be here on the 8th of June. I cannot wait

Here you go:
Sigur Ros - Untitled #1

Calyx - crucible

Friday, May 13, 2005


Here you go:

Pablo Brazil - Pop Music United

Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley) - Rabbit Fur Coat (Live)

Grandaddy - A.M. 180 (live)

and my baby:

Bright Eyes - Lover I Don't Have To Love

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Blah Blah Blah

I had a wonderful evening with my dear friends JC and GF. We headed to Big Red Sun. Our little Wednesday Secret Starter thanks to SM. Where else can you hear great bands and drink all the beer and wine for five dollars? Good Shit!

Then we headed to the new club Fabric...yes, it finally opened. They played awesome 80's music. And the whole club changes colors...kinda hard to explain. And finally our last stop was the classic OCH. Too fun, too drunk and now a little hungover.

Now to our song for today...

I can't wait to hear these guys at ACL:

Bloc Party - Like Eating Glass

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


John Vanderslice - Bomb in Reverse

Why does my ERG keep making my heart flutter...he just emailed this to me:

Whatever, whatever you wish you got the nookie (christina)

the hip hop-rika (britney/snl)

i can be provocative and ironic all at the same time (madonna)

try it on it me (mariah)

when i say pimp you say hoe, pimp hoe, pimp hoe, here we go (madonna)

i just spelt water all over me (alanis)

is this the mama knows, who this, holla at the hotness hotline (me)

It means nothing to most (okay all) of you, but it put a couple of tears in my eyes!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Stalker Quality

Here is my song post for today:

Maximilian Hecker - My Love for you is insane

And oh, btw: "I wanna give a shout out to squirrel boy in nyc, he's doing his thing."

Monday, May 09, 2005

and this one Posted by Hello

A friend did this for me. I look too fucking sad! Posted by Hello

"GURL you betta get some butta 'cause you ain't got no lube!"

The quote was uttered this weekend by my dear friend AP, I fucking love it!!!! The quote is apparently famous because the very first time he said it was 5 years ago!

Song pick for today:

Pela - episodes (diphenhydramine)

Another one for giggles:

Sigur Ros - Staralfur

And this song is about how I feel right now. The guy part.

The Postal Service - Nothing Better

And one for the road and one for my baby:

Bjork - Gloomy Sunday (live)

Friday, May 06, 2005

Pretty Noise

My song pick for today: The Comas - Last Transmission.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Austin City Limits Festival!!!

Here is the line up! I cannot wait! Next week, I should be getting my Tickets!!!!

Favorite bands playing:

Thievery Corporation
Death Cab for Cutie
Bloc Party
Franz Ferdinand
The Doves
Rilo Kiley
Mates of State
The Fiery Furnaces

That is fucking impressive!!!

Check out what some one sent me. My own freakin school.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Bright Eyes - beautiful boy...great fucking music Posted by Hello

"Still awake at six a.m."

I love this song and this one.

The first on is Minus Story - Time Wastes Itself

The second is The Cars Are The Stars - Helikopter

I figure sense my life is a bit out of control (both in a good and bad way), I should post songs and bands I like. Okay, reader's digest version of what's going on:

My son is coming in June and I can't wait for the stability and love he brings. So I've been a bit impatient.

Second, the little demon that is DJP (mon petit vulcan, with his eruptions and disasters) is still inside of me and utter madness and confusion surround that to no end-early morning calls, short emails, plans to move to the mid-west...everything that can cause sleepless nights and stomach know-the L word...

Next, my friends that keep me busy...and drunk. I love them. This weekend was nonstop. Went out Friday. Saturday went to Eeyore's Birthday. Sunday went to Splash. So this is out of control in a good way!